First Tracks Shoes

First Tracks are Pete and Shaun, two Melbourne based Dads who saw a need for quality children's footwear. We have spent the last few years watching our children grow through their toddler years realising a good quality, functional and planet friendly toddler shoe is what children need. Plus they look awesome, are super easy to put on and......drumroll.... stay on!

Awesome right!

We're parents, so we understand what it takes to get our little ones fed, dressed and out of the house. Once the whirlwind of getting ready nears the front door, that last hurtle can often be putting on their socks and shoes, so we combined them! Easy to slip on, comfortable, a breeze to walk in, First Tracks Shoes make your toddler’s first steps, a walk in the park. They also make very excellent presents so why not buy some for your friends, nieces, nephews or neighbours and help us spread the word whilst saving the planet at the same time.

Save the planet? Here's how- we donate 50% of our profits into the protection of our environment. We do this by donating to the Australian Conservation Foundation. 

Climate damage and habitat destruction are two of the biggest challenges we face in Australia. The Australian Conservation Foundation are experts on getting our planet back on track, they use evidence-based advocacy, courage, creativity and common sense to make this country a better place.

So, by investing in a pair of our shoes, you're investing in a greener planet, together we can push back against the deterioration of our planet and create a greener, brighter future all while your little one's wear cool kicks!